The Kings River Title Story

Real estate is exciting. Fortunes are made and lost. Families’ most cherished memories center around their homes. Some have an emotional attachment to the family farm or lake house that spans generations, while some look at a piece of property and envision how they’ll put their kid through college or build their dream business.

The owners of Kings River Title were no different in 2006. We grew up on family farms, businesses our parents built on land they bought, with dreams of a lake house to take our own kids to one day. As attorneys, we had worked with the owners of Berryville Abstract & Title for many years, and we knew how essential title insurance was to the real estate business.

In 2006, the US economy was flying. Lending was easy and money was cheap. Record numbers of people were becoming homeowners, and the dream of home ownership seemed open to all. Builders could not build fast enough, banks could not lend fast enough, and investors could not flip fast enough. So when the owners of Berryville Abstract & Title said they wanted to sell, we couldn’t wait to say yes.

We purchased Berryville Abstract & Title that year, changing the name to Kings River Title to reflect the river that defined our home county. The future looked bright, but then 2008 happened. Lending on Wall Street, it turned out, was too easy. The party stopped. Home sales fell off a cliff. Banks stopped lending. No one knew when, if ever, the good times would return.

So we put our heads down and went to work. Our employees, many of whom had been with Berryville Abstract for decades, scrounged for every deal they could find. They worked harder and longer than they ever had before. And because of the diligent work of our people, Kings River Title kept going.

In 2010, we made the decision to expand to Fayetteville, and soon after, our expansion led to a new office in Eureka Springs. Today, we are stronger than ever and continually climbing, striving for long-term growth in our practice and in our client relationships.

Meet Our Team

With over 17 years of service under our belt, Kings River Title has made a proven impact in the Arkansas real estate industry.

Our team shows up for our clients by removing unnecessary roadblocks and eliminating the hassle of document collection. Instead of worrying about those frustrations, you get to relax on the receiving end as we present factual information that gives you clarity and enables action.

Our Services

Kings River Title is here to serve our Fayetteville community with a full range of title insurance services and complementary offerings for commercial, residential, and for-sale-by-owner properties. From escrows to easements, our knowledgeable team is ready to give you the assurance you need.

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